Chapter 6. Command Reference

Table of Contents : Creating a server instance : delete a server instance :Start one or all instances :Shutdown one or all instances : Control a database server : Creating a server instance

A server instance is created by the command Mandatory parameters are the instance name and the database path. The data base path is the location where all data base files including the configuration files are hosted. [-k|--key=shmkey] [-d|--debug=debug level] [-t|--tracedir=path] [-c|--classes=path] [name] [dbpath]

--key=shmkeySpecifies the SHM key to be used for client server communication.
--debug=levelSpecifies the debug level in which the server will be run. If not specified, the debug level 10 will be assumed.
--tracedir=pathSpecifies the directory where the trace files are written.
--classes=pathSpecifies the path from where the classes are loaded. As a default the classes are loaded from $OOS_ROOT/class.

Example 6-1. creating an instance

$  testdb /projects/gnade/adb/var/testdb
OOS 0.1.0, Server Instance Creation.
Copyright (C) 2005, M.Erdmann
Checking access for /projects/gnade/adb/var/testdb .. okay