Chapter 9. Integration with IDES from other vendors

Table of Contents
Using Emacs
Using GPS

Using Emacs

The GNADE project uses several file extension which are not commonly defined in the emacs default configuration. As a consequence syntax high ligthing is not activated. In order to activate syntax highlighting again the following lines have to be added to to .emacs file in your home directory:

  (setq auto-mode-alist
      (append '(("\\.C$"  . c++-mode)
                ("\\.cc$" . c++-mode)
                ("\\.hh$" . c++-mode)
                ("\\.adq$" . ada-mode)
                ("\\.gpq$" . ada-mode)
                ("\\.gpb$" . ada-mode)
                ("\\.c$"  . c-mode)
                ("\\.h$"  . c-mode))