Chapter 1. Project Objectives

The objective of the GNADE project is to provide an open source environment of tools and libraries in order to integrate SQL into Ada 95. In order to achieve this ODBC and embedded SQL have be selected as platform.

ODBC provides the interface between application code and the underlying dbcs. This interface has been selected because most if the commonly used data bases are providing ODBC.

Embedded SQL (ESQL) provides the framework to integrate SQL queries into the Ada code. ESQL has been selected because there exists a huge amount of legacy code which could be reused. Even ESQL is standardized there are a lot of different implementations around. The ESQL translator in this project tries to merge several ESQL dialects into a single translator.

In long terms the project will provide means to integrate features which are not part of the ISO/92 ESQL specification via extensions of ESQL.