Chapter 19. Building ODBC based programs

The root package of the ODBC binding is GNU.DB.SQLCLI. We've chosen the name SQLCLI to indicate that our main focus is to implement at least the Command Level Interface (CLI) of SQL/92. ODBC is an enhanced implementation of CLI.

Depending on your platform you must add the path to the package sources and the compiled files to you ADA_INCLUDE_PATH and ADA_OBJECTS_PATH. If you're using a platform that supports shared libraries, the file should be in a directory searched by your dynamic linker automatically or you must add the directory containing this file to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

The ODBC binding references the calls offered by an ODBC driver manager. The GNADE project doesn't implement its own driver manager, but it relies on the one you are using on your system. Please consult your system documentation to find the name of the library that implements the driver manager.

On Linux we suggest to use the unixODBC driver manager ( If you use this one, you have to add "-largs -lodbc" to your gnatmake arguments if you want to compile an ODBC program.