Chapter 7. Using the pre compiled packaged

Table of Contents
Installation of RPM files on Linux Systems
Installation on Windows like systems

Installation of RPM files on Linux Systems

First time installation of the RPM is done by means of the following command:

          rpm -ivh gnade-X.Y.Z-build-arch.rpm
If a version of GNADE has been installed previously deinstall this version before installing the new version.
          rpm -e gnade-X.Y.Z
The installation will provide a variable GNADE_BASEPATH which points to the installation directory of GNADE. The individual user on the system needs to add the GNADE project file to his ADA_PROJECT_PATH if he/she wants to use this project file.

Since the binaries release does not contain the gnade source tree, this package needs also to be installed if you want to do some changes to the GNADE software it self.This packages is simply installed by executing the command:

          rpm -ivh gnade-X.Y.Z-build-src.rpm