Chapter 33. exp - export a table from a data base

exp [-u login] [-l password] [-q] [-h] source table [-f filename]

Export the named table located in the given data source into a file. The named file is intended for the use by the imp (import) tool.

Table 33-1. Options

-u login [-l password] The login name used for the database associated with the source name. This makes only sense if the contents of a certain data source has to be checked, since the login/passwd is only sent once and it will be applied to all given data sources, which is proably not correct.
-f filename Specifies the name of the export file. If not given the name tablename.exp will be used. This option is only allowed after a table name has been given.
-q Run quiet by not printing out the copyright and other notices.
-h Print out a help message.