Building the development snapshot on Windows NT/XP

Unpacking the distribution

The source code is normally distributed as ZIP file, which is easy to unpack by means of Windows utilities as e.g WinZip. From the DOS command line use:

      cd gnade-src-arch-version 
This will unpack the directory tree of the development environment.

Configuring the release

The configuation is based upon the configuration file make.conf.win32 which is located in the root directory of the destribution. Normally you do not need to change anything in this configuration file. To be sure please review the contents of this file before you contiune. In oder to configure GNADE run the command below in the root directory of the GNADE distribution.


Compiling the distribution

As for Unix the compilation process is based upon the execution of a Makefile. In order to compile the distribution perform the following commands:


Installation on your system

There is no automatic procedure doing so, but after compilation the result will be located in the following directories an can be moved to suitable places in your system.