Installation of the ODBC Interface

In order to allow the test programs to connect to the data base via odbc the following entry has to be added either to /etc/odbc.ini or .odbc.ini on Unix systems.

During the process of configuration, templates for the ODBC wise installation of the data base are prepared under ./samples/sample_db as shown below.

Example 10-1. /etc/odbc.ini entry for the test data base

   Description             = Demo Database for GNADE
   Driver                  = PostgreSQL
   Database                = gnade
   Servername              = localhost
   Port                    = 5432
   ReadOnly                = No
   RowVersioning           = No
   ShowSystemTables        = No
   ShowOidColumn           = No
   FakeOidIndex            = No
   ConnSettings            =
   Trace               = Yes
   TraceFile           = sql.log