Invocation of the GNU ESQL Translator (gesql)

gesql [-pedantic] [-debugcode] [-iso92] [-nosqlstate] [-limit number] [-schema file] [-debug] [-v] [-s] [-h, --help] [-gnatnosref] [-Dname=value] file...

The command translates embedded SQL statement into Ada 95 for the give input file(s) and writes out for each input file an Ada 95 output file by replacing the extension of the input file by ".adb".

Table 15-1. Options

-pedantic The translator will complain about non ISO/92 constructs, even if they are supported. Default is off.
-debugcode If this switch is set, debug code is inserted after each query. Default is off.
-iso92 If set, a whenever clause is always active till the next whenever clause. The default is off.
-nosqlstate If set, the SQLSTATE and SQLCODE variable is not inserted automatically any more. This switch might be used to minimize the porting effort for PRO*Ada™ code.
-limit number Set the maximum number of error before the translator terminates.
-debug If this switch is set, the esql translator outputs debugging information. This output should be sent in with bug reports. Default is off.
-s No copyright messages are printed at all.
-v Verbose mode
-schema file If the embedded SQL code contains declare table clauses, the table declaration is mapped into a SQL create table command. This switch is valid for all files compiled after wards.
-connectpkg name This switch includes the named package into the expanded Ada 95 source code. This might be used if you like to extend the connection type.
-gnatnosref Suppress the insertion of the GNAT pragma Source_Reference. This switch is usefull if you are using some kind of preprocessor on embedded SQL files which are already including this pragma (e.g gnatprep -s).
-Dname=value Substitute all occurences of $name in the source file by the given value. This might saves a gnatprep run.