Redirecting ESQL Support output

Since the ESQL support package creates some diagnostic printouts it may be interesting to redirect these messages towards any destination. This might be done by overloading the type Connection_Type of the GNU.DB.ESQL_Support.ODBC package and providing implementations of the Error, Warning and Connect procedures.

Example 16-2. Redirecting ESQL diagnostics

package Dynamic_Connect is

   type My_Connect_Type is new ODBC.Connection_Type with record
         .... your extensions .....
      end record;

   procedure Error(
      C : in My_Connect_Type;
      T : in String );

   procedure Warning(
      C : in My_Connect_Type;
      T : in String );

   function Connect(
      Source     : in String;
      UserName   : in String;
      Password   : in String  ) return ODBC.Connection_Handle;

end Dynamic_Connect;

The implementation might be found in samples/esql.