Chapter 10. Using the release with your database

Table of Contents
If your data base is not supported
Installation of the ODBC Interface
Prepared Example Programs

The GNADE package provides a small test data base for the examples stored under ./samples. The Makefile assumes for each supported data base vendor X a ./samples/X directory where the example code for the native binding is stored.

The ODBC bases examples are using all the same data base stored under ./samples/sample_db. This data base contains the tables EMPLOYEES and DEPARTEMENTS.

If your data base is not supported

If your data base is not supported the test data base has to be installed manually or preferably the data base has to be included in the configuration process which is described in the following.

The DML commands to create the data base are contained in the gnade.postgres.sql file which can be used as a template for the new data base.

The following files have to be created for the new DBCS vendor X.