Chapter 2. Getting started

The ODB environment is distributed as source package, which means in order to use is, the software has to be build (compiled and linked) on your system before it can be used.

Installation on Unix like systems

After you obtained the source code from the net you need to install and compile it. This chapter describes this first steps of installing the environment onto your system.

Unpacking the distribution

The source code is normally distributed as compressed tar file. To unpack the distribution execute the command:

      gunzip -c tarfilename.gz | tar xvf -
This will unpack the directory tree of the development environment.

Configuring the ODB installation

After unpacking the distribution change into the top level directory of the ODB release. Before you run the configure script examine the contents of the file etc/

After checking the settings, the environment has to be configured by means of the command:

       cd odb-src-....
       ./configure [ option(s) ]

This command will perform the actual configuration by checking for requiered software components and installation options.

Compiling the distribution

To build the environment enter the command below:

   gmake all

Installing globally on the target system

Currently there is no automatic procedure available. You need to copy the compolents from the following directories manually into some reasonable directories.


GPS Support

This release contains some files to support the GPS environment from ACT. The source root directory contains a file which is called gnu.xml which contains extensions in the GPS menus allowing you to configure and to compile the release from the GPS environment. This file should be installed locally in the directory .gps/customize or in the installation directory of GPS as described in the documents.

The HTML based documentation is also made available via GPS if the environment variable GPS_DOC_PATH contains the place where ODB is installed.