Chapter 7. ODB Tools

Table of Contents
ODL Translator
Object Inspector

Since object persistency leads to an extension of the Ada language, the ODB provides several tools to manipulate source codes and other files, which are described in this chapter.

ODL Translator

The ODL Translator is a preprocessor for the input sources of the object model. The object model is always described by the object definition and the corresponding code. These two parts are contained in different files. Assume for example a object Person, then the object model is in the file Person.ods and the code of the object is located in Person.odb. The ODL Translator assumes, that these files are always available. Out of these files, the ODL translator will produce code which complies to the ODL object model containing all procedures and functions which are required by ODB.Persistent to be implemented.

odl [-nognatos] [-s] name...

Table 7-1. Options

-gnatnosrefInserts no sref pragma statement in the output code of the translator.
-sRun silent, which means no copyright notice etc.

Reserved Words and Names

Since ODL is a preprocessor it will generate code. The application code should not use any name within the name space of ODL.


Since the ODL translator is a preprocessor for your Ada compiler the line numbers given in the Ada 95 compiler output are not always correct.